Seth Godin Called Me Out 

I wasn’t even sure that I was going start a new blog. I suppose I was content dreaming about being a writer of some kind. I’d been telling my friends for years that I really wanted to write. That I think I could do it professionally, but I never took any real steps to write anything at all.

Instead, I would read books about writing. I would listen to YouTube videos and podcasts about goal setting and self-improvement. I would take their advice and write out plans and make checklists. I really felt like I was doing something.

One day, I came upon a keynote speech by Seth Godin, and he called me right out. Now obviously, Seth doesn’t know me but what he had to say in his speech hit me like a ton of bricks. He basically said that if the time is never right, if you spend all your time getting ready to do something but never actually do it, you’re just hiding.

He said that it’s fear that keeps us in a continuous state of preparing. That we do little things that feel like progress, but those are just a pacifier to keep us from making the leap. And he’s so right about that.

Seth writes in his blog every day if he doesn’t care if anyone reads a word of it. That’s inspiring to me. So I’m going to try to do the same. Every few days, hopefully several times a week, I will post something to this blog. I’m going to come out of hiding.

I do hope that what I put down here is interesting to some and perhaps even sparks some discussion, But I’m going in as though no one will ever read it. Because it’s not about reading it at this point, it’s about writing it.

I can’t promise it will always be exciting. I can’t promise perfect grammar. I will probably abuse the comma and mangle the sentence structure. But I will do my best to provide some quality content whenever I can.

This blog will be about life, manhood, being a dad and a husband and everything all of that has to offer. I hope you enjoy it.

So thank you, Seth. I needed that.

The Janet Pants Experience

Well, maybe I am phoning it in on the very first post on my blog, but the Facebook status update I’ve copied below seems to have garnered some attention and is as good a topic as any to kick this thing off.

The list I posted on my personal FB page was in response and in support of the trending #MeToo and #IBelieveYou hashtags you’ve probably noticed on social media.

The stated purpose of #MeToo is to show the magnitude of the number of women impacted by sexual harassment and sexual assault.

#IBelieveYou is a way for men to show support for the harassed and assaulted.

This issue has been pushed to the forefront largely because of the many allegations recently leveled at the Hollywood mega producer, Harvey Weinstein.

Here’s what I had to say on the topic earlier today and I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments:

Facebook —

Ok, so I only associate with kick ass women. They certainty don’t need me to swoop in and attempt some white knight nonsense on their behalf.

So instead, I’ll give some totally unsolicited to advice to “men” that’s obviously needed in a #MeToo world:

1. If you wouldn’t want a random guy to say a thing to your mom or your sister, don’t say it. In fact, if you have to apply such a test in the first place, just stop.

2. You never have permission to touch another person unless you actually have permission. No, not even if.

3. If the only way you can get a woman to smile at you is to tell her to smile, you need to stick to trolling the Ramada lounge out by the airport. You’re not ready for the big leagues.

4. Try taking more advice on women from your mom (or bonus – your grandma) and less from your cool uncle Donny with the awesome Penthouse collection.

5. Janet from accounting probably does look really hot in those pants. But unless you’re in a relationship with Janet, her pants are none of your business. Also, remember that if you skeeve her out by making a lewd comment about her pants, she’s probably going to stop wearing them, thereby ruining the Janet-pants experience for everyone else.

6. If you use your status at work for sex in any way, I sincerely hope you never make another dime. Gross.

7. Aside from some inexplicable appreciation for Amy Schumer, women can and do take jokes. Some of the funniest people I know are women. So joke. Just know when and where it’s appropriate. Also, if you do say something offensive, don’t try to play it off as a joke. Nobody is buying it. Just apologize.

That’s a good start. What would you guys add?